Ignacio Martínez Caballero

Lecture: “Therapeutic management of musculoskeletal disorders in infantile cerebral palsy”.

Dr. Martinez Caballero specializes in orthopedic and traumatological surgery. He is a doctor of medicine from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (with a doctoral thesis on multilevel surgery in cerebral palsy for children).

His professional career has been focused on Pediatric Neuro-Orthopedics since 1994. He is currently responsible for the Pediatric Neuro-Orthopedics Unit of the Child Orthopedics Service of the Hospital Niño Jesús de Madrid (National Reference Service for the National Health System). 

He was also the promoter of the creation of the Laboratory for the Analysis of Movement (L.A.M.), assessing ambulation disorders in Infantile Cerebral Palsy at the hospital (2007).