Pedro Vergara Lozano

Lecture: “Handling of bronchial secretions in patients with severe and profound cerebral paralysis”.

Dr. Vergara Lozano holds a degree in Physiothérapie et Kinésithérapie Respiratoire from the Foreign Affairs Minister, Directorate General for Cultural, Scientific and Technical Relations in Paris (France, 1977). He further holds a BA degree in Kinesiology and Physiatry from the National University General San Martín, Buenos Aires – Argentina (2003), and a doctorate in Physiotherapy from the University of Murcia (2014).

He is currently a tenured lecturer at the University of Valencia.

He has authored 117 papers in national and international journals, presented 592 papers at national and international conferences, and delivered 364 courses and seminars in the area of Phyisiotherapy.