Ascensión Martín Diez

Workshop description: “Psychomotricity, a global approach for children with developmental disorders”

Ascensión Martín is a pediatric PF and a psychomotor specialist. She has been working for over 25 years at the Center for Infant Development and Early Intervention (CDIAP) at Mollet, an agency of the Town Hall of Mollet del Vallés (Barcelona).

She is also a lecturer at a number of universities, where she provides postgraduate and master’s instruction in issues related to pediatric physiotherapy, early intervention, evidences and updates in pediatric physiotherapy, therapeutic water activities, psychomotricity…
She is a founding member of the Board of SEFIP (Spanish Society of Physiotherapy in Pediatrics), to which he belongs since its creation in 2002.

He is also a member of the management team of efisiopediatric, an entity for parents and professionals to share and disseminate knowledge about pediatric physiotherapy.

(*) A maximum of 25 seats available.