Sofía Rodríguez Uribes

Workshop description: “How to program the intervention of physiotherapists in a student-task-environment, based on team and performance objectives?”

Lecture: “The physiotherapist at the school as a member of an interdisciplinary team working with performance and participatory objectives”.

Sofía Rodríguez holds a degree in Physiotherapist from the Valencia Community College (1990). She is an official of the Board of Communities of Castilla la Mancha, she has 27 years of experience as a physiotherapist in ordinary and specific schools of that same autonomous community.

She has been trained in the Bobath Concept (neuroevolution treatment) for the specialized treatment of cerebral palsy, and has been furthering her training in neuropediatrics through specific courses on assessment and treatment and on the use of pediatric tools and techniques. She has teaching experience in courses and conferences for teachers, physiotherapists, and educational technicians on the role of physiotherapists at schools and on interventions with students with motor disabilities.

She is the co-author of the book La fisioterapia en la escuela (‘Physiotherapy at school’), published in 2015, and a member of the Committee for Physiotherapy in Pediatrics and Education, from the Chartered Institute of Physiotherapists of Castilla la Mancha, responsible for different reports on the professional profile of physiotherapists in the education sector for the public administration (Focus on Diversity Section). She has contributed on the topic of physiotherapists in the education sector in the legislative development on the matter. 

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